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Who is Sky Fuels Team?

Sky Fuels – is a distributor of LLC Delfin Motorsport, a company founded by a group of people cares for aviation. We develop Avgas market and market of Racing Fuels in Russia within 6 years, and today opened the independent business units in Russia (St. Petersburg) and Europe (Vilnius).

 Our goal today is to make available high-quality aviation fuel Avgas 100LL for each pilot, and to fill as many vehicles as possible with high octane racing fuel VP Racing to be responsible for the quality of each liter.

 Our principles:

  • Competitive prices
  • Efficiency in decision-making
  • Customer orientation
  • Close cooperation with the manufacturer
  • Each personal contribution to the achievement of common goals

The official opening date of the company – 10th of June, 2013
CEO - Soskin Mikhael