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Rules of filling the metal drums and their storage

When the temperature of the fuel in the drum with aviation gasoline sudden changes(heat, cold)  moisture from the outside can get into the drum through the screw cap cover. We suggest you to read the simple but mandatory rules of filling metal drums (200 liter) and the rules of storage.

1. 200-liter drums of Avgas 100LL should be kept indoors (container, hangar etc), but not under the canopy, which may break. Territory for storage should be protected from direct sunlight and moisture.

2. If you fill up gasoline from the drum, and there is the remains of Avgas in it, the most tightly close the lid of the drum, and in any case do not leave the drum with fuel on open ground to avoid moisture and direct sunlight.

3. Before you open the drum, you must remove the dirt, dust and moisture from the top. The drum should be «grounded» to avoid static electricity and the possible occurrence of a spark.

4. At long storage tanks with water on top – fill up with fuel from this drum is prohibited!